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Congratulations to Fernanda Cerrillos Anzar and other 2019 Oregon Latino Scholarship Awardees

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON (MAY 12, 2019) — Fernanda Cerrillos Anzar was the lucky student selected to receive an educational scholarship award sponsored by ELYON International, Inc. at the 2019 Hispanic Metropolitan Chamber (HMC) Scholarship Awards Luncheon.   Anzar was one of 53 students receiving a scholarship from the HMC.  This year the chamber gave $144,392.00 in […]

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Bobby Herrera on Veteran Founders Podcast

Join Carmen Nazario and guest Bobby Herrera for the Veteran Founders Podcast on Friday, March 29th from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm Pacific time.   Bobby Herrera is the author of The Gift of Struggle, a book about leadership and the life-changing lessons we learn through our struggles. He is also the co-founder and president […]


Organize Your Favorite Websites in Less than 15 Minutes

Easy Access Bookmarks at Your Fingertips Having to save multiple websites for work or personal purposes can get quite tedious after a while.  Although an average number of bookmarks per person can be estimated at over 50-60 per year (quora.com), many avid readers can rack up to over 100 favorite websites and even more. If […]