Community Involvement 2014 and 2015

ELYON’s community involvement is currently focused on three major areas:

  • Support for MBEs, Veterans-owned business and aspiring business owners
  • Support for young professionals and minority students
  • Corporate Volunteer and Giving Program to local non-profit organizations


ELYON International awarding Scholarship through Hispanic Metropolitan Chamber

Support of MBE, Veteran Businesses and aspiring business owners

Led by no less than the company's founder/owner Carmen Nazario, ELYON strives to support, promote and partner with our community and its emerging MBEs. ELYON has established corporate goals and scorecards for our support of minority, women and veteran owned small businesses, and aspiring business owners in our community.


College Internship Program at ELYON International

Support for Minority Students

ELYON is a major financial contributor to Scholarships for Minority students, among them Scholarship towards a Hispanic student sponsored thru Oregon’s Hispanic Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce and Scholarship for a Diverse student thru Portland State University’s Scholarship Foundation.

ELYON has for several years supported the Latino Leadership Program offered by the Hispanic Chamber by way of presentations. Most recently Ms. Nazario spent a day at Portland State University, meeting with students and conducting a presentation to the Graduate Students of International Management.



Children’s Cancer Chemo Pal, Volunteer Work

Corporate Volunteer and Giving Program

ELYON's civic works has been expanding beyond enterprise and student support. ELYON has an established corporate giving and volunteer program that allows our corporate staff to use their skills to impact and improve the quality of life in their community. ELYON also contributes directly to specific causes that affect our community and staff. In 2014 ELYON directly supported by way of volunteer or financial support, the Children’s Cancer Association, the Muscular Dystrophy Association, The Xchange Recovery Center and other local community non-profit organizations.

ELYON International’s Awards for Business Excellence and Community Involvement/Support

  • 2009 - Oregon's SBA Minority Business of the Year, (Recipient: Ms. Carmen Nazario)
  • 2014 - Oregon’s Hispanic Chamber of Commerce "Bravo Award" (Recipient: Ms. Carmen Nazario)
  • 2014 – Northwest Mountain MSDC "Supplier of the Year Award"